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Sanremo F18 MB 2-3 Group Black/Black&White

Sanremo F18 MB 2-3 Group Black/Black&White

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The Sanremo F18 is a multi-boiler commercial espresso machine with a surprisingly flexible use case. It has the style to stand out on a bar, the technology to brew consistent espresso, and an innovative flexible power system allowing it to be used in many different outlets. While at home in a medium to high volume specialty coffee venue, the flexible power means that it can be used with incredible effectiveness in mobile coffee operations too. It's truly one of the only options our there with this feature, allowing premium coffee to be served anywhere!

Sanremo F18 Features

  • Independent, multi-boiler commercial espresso machine
  • Volumetric programming for optimal dosing consistency
  • Colors:
    • Black
    • White & Black
  • Quarter turn steam taps
  • PID temperature control of brew and steam boilers within ± 0.2 °C variance
  • Energy Saving System manages power digitally to consume on average 35% less energy
  • Insulated boilers for added energy efficiency
  • Flowactive System: individual pre-infusion settings for each programmed recipe
  • Touch screen display to control all machine parameters and display shot timers
  • Automated backflush functionality
  • Hot water tap mixes cold and hot water together to produce drinkable temperature hot water for tea and americanos
  • Programable Auto-on / Auto-off capability
  • Cool Touch stainless steel steam wands
  • Low Profile design for increased engagement with customers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the primary difference between the Sanremo F18 and F18SB?
    • The Sanremo F18 is a multi-boiler espresso machine, whereas, the F18SB is a single-boiler espresso machine. Multi-boiler machines are more temperature stable and offer direct temperature controls of the brew boiler. The F18SB can adjust boiler pressure, but cannot directly impact brew temperature.
  • Who is the F18 for?
    • Premium specialty coffee shops or any high volume operation are generally the intended audience for this machine. However, the F18 is also one of the only commercial grade 2 or 3 group, multi-boiler machines on the market that can operate at under 20 amps making it an amazing option for mobile coffee trailers that often have limited electricity.
  • How does it compare to other machines in this category?
    • The F18 is a fantastic value at the price point as most independent boiler machine in this class are several thousands of dollars more expensive. It brings a lot of top end features into a very competitive price range.
  • How long will this machine last?
    • As long as proper water filtration is maintained and preventative maintenance is performed, we would expect around 7-10 years of life.
  • What is the next level up in the Sanremo range?
    • The Cafe Racer is the next level up in the Sanremo range. The main difference is that the Cafe Racer has an additional set of miniature "boilers" within each group head, giving it World Barista Championship competition levels of temperature stability.

Technical Details

    • Dimensions: 35.5"W x 25.5"D x 20.7"H
    • Steam Boiler: 8.6 liters
    • Brew Boilers: 0.5 liters x2
    • Volts: 220, 60Hz
    • Watts: 3500 - 7100
    • Amps: 16 - 32
    • Dimensions: 42.2"W x 25.5"D x 20.7"H
    • Steam Boilers: 10 liters
    • Brew Boiler: 0.5 liters x3
    • Volts: 220, 60Hz
    • Watts: 3500 - 7100
    • Amps: 16 - 32
  • Plug type: NEMA L6-30 (included)
  • 3/8” compression dedicated cold water line with shut-off valve required
  • Proper water filtration required (sold separately)




Stock Depends on Manufacturer.

Machine will be shipped from Manufacturer.

PLEASE NOTE - This equipment is for professional use only and must be installed in locations where its use and maintenance are restricted to trained personnel. While the equipment is easy to use after install, it must be installed by a factory-certified technician with proper water filtration to validate the warranty.

We are pleased to inform you that, as part of our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction, we are now offering complimentary installation of espresso machines anywhere within the United States*.

*Please note that this service is available in easily accessible main cities and does not cover rural areas.

Our installation service is available at no additional cost for all espresso machines within the specified areas.

WARRANTY INFORMATION - Includes a 1-Year Parts Warranty.

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